Happy Easter…

….and finally a Blog Post that explains why it got so quiet here!

My last post here in this Blog seems like years ago, well, actually it’s been 8 months. I guess I can blame it on the cold weather (no good light for good pictures on my balcony) plus I guess I had a little baking showing break (it’s not that I really stopped baking).

But I made a decision, and something new started in my life, right now I am doing an apprenticeship to become a real pastry chef! I am doing it since January and I love it. So please excuse the laziness.
I get up at 4.45 am in the morning and work 8 hours, but the good thing is, I BAKE all day <3 and in about 1 1/2 years I can call myself a pastry chef.

These Cupcakes I made for Easter are lemon blueberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and a self-crafted marzipan flower on top… recipe follows.

Have a good Easter!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter…

  1. Thank god you’re back! And congatulations on your internship! Best of luck to you! Can’t wait to see what you’ll post in the future!

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