A tribute to spring..

with a wonderful trilogy of cookies!

Macarons with chocolate ganache or lemon cream, chocolate biscuit cookies with ganache and my favorite melting moments cookies.

Spring is here with all it’s lovely faces. Cherry blossoms, longer days, warm days, sun, flowers, open balcony doors all day. Fresh morning air. I love it! And to make these days even sweeter I decided to make my favorite cookies and try some other delicious looking recipes.
Here they are…

here. Thanks to Aurelie with that wonderful video tutorial!

The recipe for those chocolate biscuit cookies is from Danna Hay’s Baking Book. (I am going to write it in here later, I promise).
They taste like a bite of a cake. They have a consistency just like a cake! I really liked it.

And last but not least the so called “melting Moments Cookies”. You can find the recipe here.

Balcony season for photo shoots just started! I am very happy about that.

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